Mango: the King of Fruits!

Mango, the king of fruits not just for its delicious taste and super flashy yellow color, but also for the health benefits it offers.The vitamin content depends on the variety and maturity of the fruit. When a mango is green and still growing there is a high vitamin C content, as the fruit ripens and matures the amount of beta carotene (vitamin A) increases.

When we say mangoes are grown naturally, here is how they are grown:

In chemical farming of mangoes, starting from the month of Dec/Jan, there will be three to four chemical sprays to increase the flowering and few sprays for pests. In natural farming, we spray Neem and butter milk solutions for pests and there is no process to increase the yield. what tree gives us is what we eat.

Wastage will be high when we go natural: In conventional method, mangoes are harvested before they are fully matured on the plants and ripe them chemically, so absolutely zero wastage (but this process decreases the taste). We leave the mangoes on trees till they are completely mantured and our first customers are different birds which start eating on the trees and this is also a sign for us to harvest.

Also during the ripening process, not all mangoes will be riped properly, on daily basis we have to seperate the ones which are not good.

Adding to this, if there are windy rains in between, many mangoes will be down before they are matured and it would be an extra cost for us to remove them from the farm. On the other hand, unmatured fruit is chemically riped and sold in the market.

So what we get are the mangoes left after all these segregation.

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