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What we do:

We maintain 30 acres farm which is located around 160 kms from Bangalore where we grow fruits, rice, groundnuts, pulses, millets etc by using natural farming methods. We also work with marginal farmers/farmer groups who follow natural farming practices for sourcing the produce. We encourage the farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices followed by our ancestors by which they can reduce input cost at the farm and produce chemical free food.

Let us collectively encourage our farmers to shift from conventional (chemical based) farming to natural farming and be part of revitalizing traditional agricultural practices followed by our ancestors. Let us get back to our roots and use naturally grown safe food at our homes.

Natural Farming Practices:

When we say we practice natural farming, what we exactly do?

  • Using cow-based inputs like Jeevamruth, Beejamruth, Ghana Jeevamruth etc which are mainly made from Indian indigenous/desi cow dung and gomutra to nourish the soil and plants.
  • Using leaves-based inputs like kashayams, neem extracts to control pests and weeds.
  • Using non-GMO seeds (native variety) to the extent possible which are more resistant to pests. This will also encourage the farmer to produce their own seeds for the next crop and reduce the input cost of buying seeds.
  • Crop rotation and mulching is followed which helps in reducing soil erosion and increases soil fertility and crop yield.

Plastic Free Packaging – Our commitment to sustainability:

Nature can’t digest plastics. We have to take care of it ourselves. It’s time to stop single-use plastics and let’s us start counting on the plastic waste we produce at our homes and avoid landfills.

Plastic has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment. From polluting oceans and harming wildlife, to filling up landfills for decades without decomposing, this material is having devastating short term and long-term effects on our planet.

We at ‘Farm4Health’ use paper packaging, cardboard’s, reusable woven fabric bags and glass bottles for packaging. We avoid using plastic tape and stickers as well.

We would be happy to take the reusable packaging back from you. All the returned packaging will be properly cleaned before using further. Specified amount is paid back to the customer for each of the reusable packaging returned. Please refer to ‘Package Return Policy’ on home page for further details.

We really appreciate your support and step towards re-usability and a sustainable lifestyle.

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    Natural Farming Methods

    Natural farming is a unique method which relies on agro ecology and Indian indigenous (desi) cows plays a major role. The inputs to the farm land are completely prepared at the farm itself by using cow-based inputs, neem seeds, different kinds of leaves etc.

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    Eco Friendly Packaging

    We strictly follow no plastic packaging. Paper, reusable woven fabric bags/glass bottles, and other biodegradable options are used. We are happy to take the packaging back from you, clean, and reuse them.

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    Sustainable Lifestyle

    Let us be conscious of using the earth’s resources and adopt a lifestyle that is more earth-friendly. Our focus is on encouraging farmers to get into sustainable agricultural practices, providing healthy food options to the customers, and minimizing packaging waste.

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