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Reusable Bamboo Straws with Cleaner

Our Bamboo straws are natural, composed of nothing but pure bamboo goodness. These reusable straws have “Natural” written all over it, as they are free from any kind of chemicals and they are completely compostable. A minimalistic straw, which renders a sustainable approach towards enjoying your favorite drinks. *Care – Wash it using a brush cleaner. *Life-span – Last for years
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Soap nuts

Soapnut is a natural, effective cleaning agent. It is anti bacterial and anti fungal in nature. So they help in preventing skin deseases and maintaining helathy body skin and scalp. DIY Soap-nut Laundry detergent/ Dish-washing Gel/All purpose Cleaner: Soak the dry de-seeded soapnuts in water overnight. Boil it (mash them in between). The Reetha will turns slimy and mushy. Strain the liquid, add few table spoons of white vinegar and add any of your favorite essential oil to it (few drops). It is ready to use. Make small portions and can store in fridge for more shelf life.
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